Udriște Năsturel estate


With an impressive story behind it and remarkable inhabitants, the Udriște Năsturel Manor (also known as the “Stone House”), is a monument of the past, a corner of history created in stone, built during the reign of Matei Basarab (1632-1654).

The oldest monument of Romanian civil architecture built of stone, the Udriște Năsturel Manor has hosted notable figures such as the great scholar and chancellor of Matei Basarab, Udriște Năsturel, the Prince of Serbia Milos Obrenovic, and Anastase Stolojan, an important pre-war politician.

Fascinating in its architecture with Renaissance, Eastern, and Gothic influences, the Stone House has been a witness to significant historical events in its nearly four centuries of existence.

Today, Udriște Năsturel Manor opens its doors to a new horizon, one in which conservation, maintenance, and restoration projects are underway to preserve its beauty and importance, both for the Stone House and for the entire 4 hectares estate, including the Stolojan House and its annexes.

Udriște Năsturel Mansion

32 Miloș Obrenovici Street 
Herăști, Giurgiu county

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